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About Margarine Emulsifier
Margarine is now mostly based on vegetable fat, and its ingredients are selected in order to obtain a product which is both healthy and functional.Margarine is a water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion which must be duly stabilized. This confers utmost importance, not only to the production process which must take place, but also to the use of emulsifiers. The right selection of emulsifiers is a key point in obtaining the desired properties in every specific margarine.
What can emulsifiers do in Margarine?
Emulsifiers are playing important role in the production of margarine. With the right choice of emulsifiers, the quality of your margarine will be stable and smooth. Different emulsifiers can have various function in margarine. The choice of emulsifier depends on all kinds of factors, like fat content, storage condition etc. With emulsifiers, they can help to reduce the surface tension between water and the fat phase, which will ensure a homogeneous and stable emulsion in the finished product. Another important role for emulsifiers in frying margarine, is the ability to help with anti-spattering during application.
Chemsino Solution
To Your Margarine
The adding of DMG emulsifier in margarine is for emulsification reasons, it will increase the viscosity of the emulsion so that the tendency to phase reversion will be reduced.
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Citrem is specially added to frying margarine to prevent spattering, also it can stabilize the water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsion during emulsification and processing.
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When using PGE emulsifier in your margarine, it will help with the whipping ability for whippable products.
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