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Why emulsifier is necessary in Chocolate production?
Emulsifiers in chocolate are used to make liquid chocolate thinner. Normally, liquid chocolate with an added emulsifier has lower viscosity. Emulsifiers also help to hold the ingredients in chocolate together. An emulsifier does this by reducing the friction between cocoa butter and other chocolate ingredients such as sugar, cocoa solids, or powdered milk. In this way, the usage of chocolate emulsifiers will help to control costs by replacing cocoa butter, making chocolate more affordable for all.
Main functions of emulsifiers in Chocolate
There are various crystal forms of fat crystals, among which the β-crystal form is more common and stable. Because of the large crystal particles and high melting point, it is easy to produce small bubbles. With adding emulsifiers, it can help to control the size and growth rate of the crystal, and stabilize the β-product, which improves the structure of chocolate. And also, the addition of chocolate emulsifiers, will help to prompt the disperse of the ingredients in chocolate production, and make it into a stable W/O emulsion, and improve the stability of chocolate.
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DMG in chocolate is used to improve thermal stability and improve product surface smoothness.
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PGPR in chocolate is used to increase the friction and fluidity between chocolate particles, reduce viscosity, improve fat dispersion, and prevent blooming.
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GMS in chocolate is to improve the dispersion and enhance its wettability and dispersibility in aqueous solution.
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