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Emulsifiers in Shortenings
There are  varieties of shortenings in the market. It can be classified by the degree of oil hydrogenation, the size of plasticity, the aeration rate, the consistency or viscosity, the oil content of the powder, etc. The role of the emulsifier in shortening acts importantly, especially for shortening in bakery products. Generally, it helps with the supplement and improve the functionality of a developed shortening. Emulsifiers act as lubricants, emulsify oil or fat in batters to build structure, aerate and extend shelf life and modify crystallization.
What does emulsifier do in shortenings?
Emulsifiers including monoglycerides and diglycerides are commonly used in the production of shortenings. When the shortening is used in batter-based products, emulsifiers will help with the dispersion of the shortening throughout the batter. In the formulation of all soft wheat products, shortening is added primarily to provide a soft, tender bite,which, emulsifiers are playing important role in these parts, like incorporating air when the dough is beaten, and confering a good structure to the final products.
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The using of DMG in shortenings will help to good structure in the shortening and starch complexing for anti-staling and crumb softening.
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When using PGE in shortenings , its ability to to help to create air in the emulsion and also to stabilise it will help the shortening to keep stable after packaging .
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GMS in shortening will improve volume in baked sponge cake and layer cake system and increase cake volume and provide a uniform cake structure.
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