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About Whipped toppings and emulsifiers
Over the past few years, artificial whipping cream has grown in popularity due to its many advantages, such as lower fat content, lower cost of use, and better foam stability, which is attracting many bakers and chefs to start to use due to it`s easy operating. However, producing successful artificial whipping cream requires not only the right fat, but also the exact combination of emulsifiers and stabilizers.
The whipping properties of creamy whipping cream depend on the fat content as well as the structure of the fat globules. Butte rcream needs to be more than 35% fat, as it won't be whipped to a stable foam if it's low in fat. In addition, the original fat globule structure should be maintained, meaning that, contrary to most other dairy products, the cream is not homogenized. If high shear is applied during processing, the whipping properties can be reduced, the solution to this will be the right emulsifiers to rebuild its whipping properties.
What can emulsifiers do in whipped toppings?
Emulsifier is a surface active ingredient due to its hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. It is located at the interface of the oil globule and the slurry after interacting with the protein, or at the interface of the gas slurry if in a foam. Therefore, it reduces the interfacial tension between the two segments. Proteins and emulsifiers also mutually influence fat globule membranes and their emulsification stability and resistance to mechanical interactions. The effect depends on the hydrophilic and lipophilic groups as well as the ionic nature. The main function of the emulsifier in whipped toppings is to break the balance of fat globule membrane encapsulated in the cream homogenization process. During storage of liquid cream, the proteins that coat the fat globules are replaced by emulsifiers. Thus, fat globules clumping and partial coagulation are promoted. This is important for the distribution and structure of the bubbles formed during whipping. In addition, the emulsifier is very important to the stability of the formed bubbles, such as the strength of the bubble walls.
Chemsino Solution
To Your Whipped Toppings
Lactem can be used to improve product whippability and overrun due to their alpha-tending properties, and alpha-tending emulsifiers can enhance foam structure by increasing fat caking. Lactem is often used in combination with GMS.
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GMS can break the stability of the emulsion, thereby improving foam firmness and stability. The higher the iodine value, the better the effect.
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The powerful oil-in-water system of SSL will interact with proteins at the hydrophobic and charged interfaces to form emulsifier/protein films. Consequently, the negative net charge of the fat globules increases and thus the stability of the emulsion increases.
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